Local Business Support

By Standing Together with Local Businesses WE THRIVE

Business Isle of Man provides direct support to Local Businesses through a designated contact, Thomas Richardson-Hall.

This assistance can be sought for various reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Feedback on the current trading conditions.
  • Discussion of potential expansion, modification or alteration of their business plans.
  • Concerns around economic headwinds.
  • Detailed information on the Enterprise Support schemes that they may be able to take advantage of.

You'll find him regularly visiting the Island's Town Centres, engaging with local businesses daily. To schedule a meeting, please reach out via contact-business@gov.im.

IOM Business Check-In Survey

If you would like to share your views on the current and previous trading conditions but do not have time for a meeting then please feel free to complete the below survey.

Enterprise Support Schemes

The most appropriate Enterprise Support schemes for Local Businesses at this time are:

  • Micro Business Grant Scheme – Grant support, tutoring & mentoring for new start or young businesses (18months or younger)
  • Business Improvement Scheme’s Advisory Service – Independent and free, professional business advice from certified experts.
  • Business Energy Saving Scheme – Interest free loan towards measures that will save on Business energy costs including lighting, heating & insulation. 


Micro Business scheme is a training and mentoring programme that covers all aspects of your business. Working with experts who have assisted the establishment and the growth of many businesses on the Island, will guide you through every step of the way and equip you with the most relevant knowledge to succeed in your business in a long term.

Click here for details about the Micro Business Grant Scheme.

Mentor or and advisor for small businesses can only mean one thing – growth, growth and more growth! The potential of having a third person, an expert in your business to reflect on your business strategy and help you with any concerns that you might have can be a big opportunity. We understand that most of the business owners have spread thinly across the day-to-day operation of their business and barely have time to reflect on how things can be improved or done better. Our free of charge support mentorship programme can link you with a leading industry advisor for 18 months and give an independent, fully discretional business advice with an initial chat for up to 2 hours.

Click here to find out more about the Business Improvement Scheme

Talent Portal was established during Covid to support local businesses in their search for recruiting new people outside the Island. The platform is very easy to use and to navigate around. There are currently circa 4,000 employees who are waiting for their potential future employer and relocation.


The Locate Talent Portal

  • The Locate Talent Portal is an online networking site which can help you connect with employees outside Isle of Man  who have the relevant skills.
  • It helps people looking to relocate to the Isle of Man and find employment opportunities as easily as possible.
  • There are over 4000 candidates currently registered.

Employee Relocation Incentive

  • Employee Relocation Incentive - receive up to 20% of your employee's first year's salary costs.
  • National Insurance Holiday Scheme– receive a lump sum refund from the Income Tax division, capped at £4,000 per person

Your Local Business Support Contact

Thomas Richardson-Hall

Business Development Executive


+44 (0) 1624 685115