The Business Isle of Man Executive Agency is structured as a public-private partnership to best facilitate the promotion and development of the niche domestic and export sectors on the Island. The team is therefore made up of private sector board members who are 'Sector Champions' for a wide variety of industry sectors, and Business Isle of Man employees including political representation.

Sector Champions
Business Isle of Man Team
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Stephen Bradley MBE


Stephen is an experienced director, skilled in negotiation, business planning, coaching, advertising and retail. He has an extensive professional background, and holds an MBA in Strategy Development from The Open University.

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Dave Taggart


What is your business background?

For most of my career I worked in the management consulting profession – first as a consultant and later as founder and managing partner of a boutique international strategy consulting company (Junicon) working primarily in healthcare and life sciences.

Across more than 1,000 projects, I worked with various large and small clients, including many of the biggest healthcare companies in the world, Fortune 500 technology and financial services companies, healthcare providers, national governments and the UN. From 2000 to 2016, I was based in the USA, primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As a managing partner of Junicon, I was both an owner and executive leader of an organisation that grew to 50 people worldwide, and lived through the challenges that face a business from start-up through scale-up to steady-state success as an SME.

In 2016 I returned to the Isle of Man for family reasons. I also exited Junicon, and became a founder of a pharmaceutical development company based on the Island: Glycyx Therapeutics. We have four development projects, in cancer, Parkinson’s disease, stroke and dialysis.

I have also been a Board Member and/or adviser to approximately 20 venture-backed technology and Biomed companies, and continue to work with several of them.

What was your inspiration for joining the Business Isle of Man Board?

I was born in the Isle of Man in the 1970s, and have seen the Island go through several cycles of growth. In that time, many of the drivers of economic success on the Island stemmed directly from Government policies – which have attracted and retained several of the key industries on which the Island now depends.

Meanwhile, it is increasingly evident that technology and invention are becoming less important as rate-limiting factors to innovation and economic growth than legal readiness and societal acceptance of change. Thanks to its small size, tight networks, and high level of autonomy, the Isle of Man has an enormous opportunity to lead in these areas. Jurisdiction is one of our primary sources of comparative advantage.

The Executive Agency structure provides a great venue for the business community to engage with Government at the frontiers where policy and business meet, and to help inform national economic strategy. Serving on the Business Isle of Man Board is an opportunity to impact the future success of the Isle of Man. The Island will always be part of me, and me part of it, so I am committed to contributing what I can to its success.

What is the Island’s best kept secret?

Not sure how secret it is, but the options for a home chef to purchase ingredients are fantastic for such a small population. We know about the celebrated local produce, which includes great seafood, some of the best chorizo I’ve ever eaten, and a brilliant range of fresh herbs – among many other things. Perhaps more surprising is the fantastic selection and variety of authentic international ingredients that are available to serve our vibrant and diverse community – including Thai, Chinese, Indian, Korean, Filipino, Indonesian, Polish, Bulgarian…. It may sound unlikely, but I truly find the Isle of Man a better place to buy culinary ingredients than the San Francisco Bay Area was!

Notwithstanding that it would be nice to have some options to buy sashimi-grade fish safe to eat raw…

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Stephen Smyth


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Jo Pretty


What is your business background?

For twenty years, Jo worked in a range of sectors including, manufacturing, utilities, personnel recruitment and health.  Since 1999, she has worked within all aspects of education and training (Higher Education, Adult learning, Secondary Education and Further Education and Apprenticeships).  Her most recent role was Chief Executive and Principal of a medium FE/HE UK college and Director of LOWES, a specialist training company.

Alongside this, she has also undertaken self-employed work, and was also Owner/Director of a successful small fabrication/engineering company for seven years; which affords her the fortunate position to fully understand the challenges that businesses face.

Jo has worked within a wide range of sector skills academies, on regional employer boards developing vocational qualifications, and has worked with the University of Suffolk (previously University Campus Suffolk) both as part of their Senior Management Group, in the formation to the new University status and in the development of qualifications.

Jo is now Principal of the University College, Isle of Man, where she is a strong advocate for working closely with public and private sectors to ensure that a full understanding of the talent and skills requirement for current and emerging sectors is known and planned for, and with an understanding that UCM has a critical role to play to support the Isle of Man economy.

What was your inspiration for joining the Business Agency Board?

She was keen to join the Business Agency Board so that UCM could work to support the many businesses on the Isle of Man in all sectors. She is inspired by innovation and enterprise and wishes to support new growth for the Island.  

In addition to this, Jo sees a future in expanding the Islands education and training provision to new markets that could lead to international student growth.

What is your favourite thing about doing business on the Island?

Jo sees learning as a continuous activity. From formal knowledge based learning; skills based learning; personal growth and learning to live together in our society.   Life on the Isle of Man is about all of these, and importantly, is in our culture – there is a balance of experiencing, playing and creating and doing so, at the right pace. This makes our businesses strong.

She also believes we are fortunate to have, what has been lost for many communities; a unique mix of the past, present and future on the Island – which is our best kept secret!  

How can you be contacted?

Through the Business Agency secretariat.

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Steve Pickett

Sector: Logistics

What is your business background?

My career in logistics began in 1988, as an 18 year old. Initially as a driver, then moving into the transport planning department, promoted to a management position and a sales development role responsible for establishing the Isle of Man as a key territory. During this period, I worked with many local retailers, wholesalers, many of the Islands existing businesses and was offered a Directorship with my employer then in 1997. Over the next 3 years I developed a national UK home delivery service for a major mail order retailer and national delivery service to a high street retailer, from which I gained a valuable insight of what large organisations require from a logistics partner. Establishing Trade distribution Limited (TDL) in 2000, which is part of the H&B Group of Companies, TDL is now recognised as one of the leading freight operators in the Isle of Man, with several operating centres running multiple contracts in the UK and employing over 100 staff. During my time with H&B, I have also worked closely with my fellow colleagues in hospitality, wholesale drinks & brewing, convenience & forecourt retailing, where I have been able develop a deep knowledge of the local markets.

What was your inspiration for joining the Business IOM Board?

Having spent the past 30 years connected in one way or another with the Isle of Man and resident for almost 20 years, the Island has played a major part in my life and lifestyle. My wife and I have raised three children who have benefited from all that the Island has to offer and I am very grateful for the businesses opportunities that have developed from my decision to move to the Island all those years ago. Now is the time that I am ready to give something back, if I can help in any way to make this beautiful place even more attractive to those who are already living and operating here, or if I can influence and promote economic growth for the benefit of all, then I am willing to give up some of my time. With the blessing and support of H&B, I hope that I can assist the Business Isle of Man Agency with their endeavours to support island businesses, create a robust logistics strategy to sustain future growth and prosperity, and through collaboration with my fellow board members, ensure that the Isle of Man fulfils its potential.

What is your favourite thing about doing business on the Island?

The Isle of Man has provided me with many opportunities, but not just locally. Through contacts made here, we have developed a significant UK logistics network, in fact the UK is now the largest regional sector of my business. Without the loyalty and support I have been shown from the Islands businesses, this may never have happened. The great thing about doing business locally, you are often dealing with business owners and leaders, who know what they want and who would prefer to deal with a local operator. I meet with my customers on a regular basis and don’t have too far to travel to see them.

What is the Island's best kept secret?

The Islands best kept secret is its natural beauty. I often take a ride on my motorcycle, travelling down valleys and over mountains, the views are just stunning.

Where is your favourite spot on the Island?

There are so may fantastic views on the Island but one of my favourites is looking out to sea on the west coast from Dalby or Niarbyl.

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Janna Horsthuis

Food & Drink Production

I am the Managing Director of Robinsons, and the fifth generation of my family to be involved with the business.  I am an experienced director, with a demonstrated history of working in the food service industry for over 15 years.

Robinsons is a well-known and successful family business on the Isle of Man which has extensively diversified over the years to become a one-stop shop for supplying the food service & retail sector with fresh produce, frozen, ambient and chilled foods, fresh flowers, hampers and fresh fish.

Robinsons prides itself on purchasing from and supporting local producers and businesses on the island, and we employ over 185 staff. Customer service is essential to Robinsons: this ethos is embedded within the family and will always continue to be. I believe that building relationships and supporting fellow businesses is essential on the Island. 

Along with other members of the Business Agency I would like to be a voice for the food and drink/hospitality sector on the Isle of Man. We are creating a robust strategy to sustain future growth for the industry, helping the Isle of Man to be a great place to do business and be a wonderful destination for visitors.

I am married with two very active boys, so the Isle of Man is a fantastic, safe place to bring up a family: the Island offers so many opportunities!

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David Hester

Manufacturing & Engineering

What is your business background?

My background is all engineering related. Since graduating in Mechanical Engineering in the mid 1980’s, I’ve had roles from pure R&D through to design and manufacturing; and am now the managing director of Swagelok Limited, an Isle of Man company employing 240 people working across all of these engineering disciplines.

I’ve worked for large multinational companies as well as smaller start-ups; and across several sectors from aerospace to food and drink; and in several countries. I’ve lived and worked on the Isle of Man for 15 years and am Chair of the Chamber of Commerce Engineering and Manufacturing committee, a Director of Bladon Jets, a Director of Junior Achievement, a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the IMechE, Fellow of the RAeS and an IoD qualified Company Director.

What was your inspiration for joining the Business Isle of Man Board?

The Island’s engineering & manufacturing sector has had a strong partnership with Government over the past several years which has resulted in several businesses growing; and an expansion of the vocational training programmes being supported at UCM and in the schools. I see this public/private partnership as a good way to align the needs of industry and Government and form strategies and policies that are mutually beneficial.

Business Isle of Man is a vehicle for expanding this partnership across several sectors that are all important to the economic success of the island. I think that my skills, background and interests will enable me to make a useful contribution to the Board.

What is your favourite thing about doing business on the Island?

The Island offers a rare combination of natural beauty and accessibility to the countryside with the ability to find challenging and interesting roles in world-class businesses. It has a unique history and values its heritage but can also be bold an innovative in its approach to new business opportunities.

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Tom Chapman

Sector: Real Estate

Business Background

I’m a chartered surveyor with 10 year's post qualification experience. I worked in the head office of a national firm of commercial property consultants in Bristol for the first part of my career, managing projects in development, asset recovery and retail agencies across the south west of England.

Having returned to the Isle of Man eight years ago, I am a Director of Chapman Chartered Surveyors, specialising in office, retail and industrial agency as well as investment work.

What was your inspiration for joining the Business IOM Board?

I chose to return to the Island and start a family here because of the fantastic quality of life on offer. I’m delighted to be part of a group with such wide ranging expertise. Everyone brings something different and we are all committed to helping the Island to continue to grow and thrive.

What is your favourite thing about doing business on the Island?

The Island is a sociable place to do business. Because of its size there’s a strong network within the business community. It’s easy to meet face to face and I have the opportunity to work with the same people fairly regularly. Having worked in a bustling city, I appreciate the work life balance that Island life offers. My commute takes less than five minutes. In the summer I can leave work at six be on the beach with family and friends within half an hour. Fleshwick is a favourite spot for a beach barbecue. We’ve had the whole bay to ourselves before. The Island is pretty unique in that regard.

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Carol Glover

Sector: Retail

Carol describes herself as a ginger, punk inspired, Disruptive leader, Speaker and Executive Coach who has helped Entrepreneurs across the world.

Carol, a Manxwoman has held Senior Leadership Roles in world Retailing, and in Private and Public sectors on the Island. She has strong Visionary, Intuitive & Disruptive thinking skills which support her Strategic Work. 

She currently leads the IT & Commercial Property functions at Isle of Man Enterprises alongside owning three businesses. She is an Accredited Senior Executive Coach with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council & Evercoach Masters Circle.

She works with one of California’s top Entrepreneur and Mindset Coaches to develop and hone her own and client skills in these areas. She is a board Member of IOM Chamber of Commerce and IOM Business Agency.

Carol is passionate about helping others grow and develop and works with Senior Leaders on and off Island and “start-up” Entrepreneurs to radically improve performance.

What was your inspiration for joining the Business Isle of Man Board?

To use my knowledge and skills to help grow the Isle of Man economy.

What is your favourite thing about doing business on the Island?

Being able to learn so much from the young people who work or have founded their own businesses.

What is the Island’s best kept secret?

Being able to test new concepts and ideas for expanding off the Island.

Where is your favourite spot on the Island?

The house I grew up in.

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Phil Taylor


What is your business background?

I worked for a start-up food business in Dubai for two years prior to moving to the Isle of Man in 2010 to start Rock Food Concepts. We opened our first venue in that same year on the North Quay, 14North. Following the restaurant’s success we were able to expand the business opening bath&bottle, Little Fish Café and most recently Little Fish at the Bay. In the Spring of 2018 we started the investment arm of Rock Food Concepts, investing in start-up Smoo.

What was your inspiration for joining the Business Isle of Man Board?

The Isle of Man has so much unfulfilled potential and it is my hope that the Business Isle of Man Board will help the island realise some of this. Being part of the process was too great an opportunity to turn down. On a more personal level the hospitality industry is often the forgotten industry on the Isle of Man and I felt it was important that our views were represented.

Where is your favourite spot on the Island?

I bought a house last year with views of the sea, you can’t beat it.

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Tim Crookall MLC

Political Member

Political background:

Member of the Department for Enterprise (formerly DED) since 2016.
Member of Tynwald since 2006 when elected as the MHK for Peel.
Board member of Peel Town Commissioners 1991-2006.
Former employment across a wide range of industries.

Tim Crookall MLC email address
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Adrian Moore

Head of Business Isle of Man Executive Agency

I am a professional and passionate engineer with over 30 years’ experience in practical engineering, manufacturing, business improvement, development and management. 

Originally from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, I have lived and worked in the Isle of Man for 22 years. I trained via the apprentice route as a Precision Toolmaker and worked in a number of disciplines within the industrial and technology sectors serving the automotive, aerospace, materials, fluid power, water and paper industries. Since joining Isle of Man Government 14 years ago, I have been responsible for a range of sectors, schemes and initiatives delivered by the Department for Enterprise. 

I am the founder and Chairman of the Isle of Man Aerospace Cluster and won the IOM Newspapers Award for Excellence for ‘Freedom to Flourish’ in 2010, relating to the work of the Cluster. I was recognised as a Top 100 UK manufacturing personality by ‘The Manufacturer’ magazine in 2016.

Adrian Moore email address
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Kirree Gooberman

Business Development Manager - Exports

What is your business background?

Born and educated on the Isle of Man, I joined the merchant navy from school and ran away to sea, qualifying as a Deck Officer through Plymouth University and South Tyneside College. I served worldwide with Shell Tankers on oil, gas and bulk carriers, responsible for navigation and cargo operations; my favourite place to trade was the Far East, exploring Singapore, Vietnam and Japan and enjoying experiencing the cultures, people and food of the region.

Seconded from the Shell Fleet into London head office, I worked in the bustling, frenetic and fast paced environment of the shipping and oil trading floors, working in ship operations and post fixture. I returned to the Isle of Man to work for Shell in Recruitment, Management and Development of their international ship staff, continuing to travel worldwide for recruitment and to facilitate training.  During this time I studied a Masters for Business Administration at Warwick University.

After a career break, during which I volunteered on the IOM Food and Drink Festival Committee, I returned to work for Assystem IOM, an engineering service provider in the aerospace industry, initially as Project Manager then as Business Manager for IOM and Prestwick offices.  I worked on multiple projects for Airbus, Spirit, Bombardier and Safran, on aircraft including A320, A350, A380, A400M and Global 7000/8000.

What was your inspiration for joining the Business Agency Board?

I joined the DfE in July 2018, as Development Manager for Exports.

I applied for the role as it was a job that really excited me: working in a variety of sectors, with each one interesting in its own right, containing some gems of businesses right here on the Isle of Man.

Within the role I am able to use my skills, knowledge and passion for the Isle of Man to support the sectors and individual businesses to ensure the Isle of Man is a prosperous and vibrant place to live and work.

Where is your favourite spot on the Island?

Kayaking from Port St Mary to The Sound, exploring the coves and caves around the Chasms.

Kirree Gooberman email address
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Tim Cowsill

Business Development Manager - Domestic

What is your business background?

My first connection with Business IOM and the Department for Enterprise is when I was at university when I worked for the department under the step scheme. After successfully finishing university I then went to work for RBSI on the Island and have worked there under a number of different roles. I then decided that the experience I had gained in the bank put me in a good position to add value to the Business Agency supporting and helping businesses develop.

What was your inspiration for joining the Business Agency?

It was a no brainer for me to join the Business Agency. I have been such a supporter of Manx businesses that this business development role seemed to fit my skills set. Supporting the domestic economy is a real challenge but the welcome I have had from the sectors I look after has been brilliant. It’s a great job to be the link between government and businesses.

Where is your favourite spot on the Island?

Like many Isle of Man Residents I am a petrol head. My absolute favourite place and thing to do on the Island is riding my motorbike (Bonnie) up the Sloc (I actually prefer it to the mountain course) then go the long way home via Peel for a crab bap from the breakwater kiosk. Perfection

How can you be contacted?

Linked In etc

Tim Cowsill email address
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Mark Gledhill

Project Manager for Biomed

Mark Gledhill email address

Business Isle of Man is responsible for securing the Isle of Man's status as an internationally respected economic hub for the export of high value added products and related services.

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