Domestic Event Fund

About the Domestic Event Fund

Following two years of trial, the Domestic Event Fund will now be reopening as a permanent initiative. This Fund provides the opportunity for event organisers and local authorities to develop exciting new events which will drive footfall and increase spending with nearby businesses. This initiative was first launched in 2020 and to date has encouraged over 200,000 people to attend unique events taking place all over the Island.

How does the fund work?

Applicants interested in applying for the Fund should send an initial enquiry email to to ensure their event is eligible under the Fund’s guidelines. The Domestic Event Fund Manager will then get in touch with you to discuss how the Fund works and how you can apply. Please note, applicants are encouraged to contact the Event Fund to ensure their event may be eligible for funding before contacting event suppliers for quotes.

Where the application is successful the applicant will be notified of the offer in writing by the Domestic Event Fund Manager and the terms and conditions that would apply upon acceptance. Standard terms and conditions are applied to each offer of financial assistance. These cover the implications of acceptance of assistance and set out the process for reporting information on the business that the Department will require as a condition of providing assistance.  

Applicants need to submit a business case that provides a detailed plan of what activities the event would include, how the event would provide value to local businesses and support the community along with the cost of putting on such an event. Applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and limitations to funding are based on town population size and number of businesses that could benefit from such events.

Eligible costs and Events

Applicants interested in applying for the Fund should send an initial enquiry email to to ensure their event is eligible under the Fund’s guidelines.

Eligible costs for reimbursement include but are not limited to:

  • Equipment Hire
  • Entertainment
  • Marketing
  • Insurance
  • Health & Safety

Types of events supported by the fund can include:

  • Local Markets
  • Festivals
  • Shows/Concerts
  • Any event that will increase footfall and local spending

The Department reserves the right to withdraw an offer of assistance at its discretion. Although unusual this circumstance could arise if an applicant fails to comply with terms and conditions or if the Department believes that any information submitted as part of the application is incorrect or untrue. 

Where the application is refused, the applicant will be advised of the decision and the reasons for it.

Please refer to our Guidelines document for full information on fund details


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