Supercharging Innovation in the BIOSPHERE


The past year has seen an unprecedented growth in political interest in the Environmental agenda; and the Cleantech sector is a natural fit for the Island’s high tech engineering sector, strong construction industry, and internationally recognised Biosphere Status.

As part of the Isle of Man’s response to climate change the Isle of Man Government is committed to transitioning to a net-zero emissions Island for the benefit of the environment, the Manx people, and to be a responsible global partner.

The Isle of Man Government has pledged a commitment to undertake a range of initiatives in an ambitious Action Plan set out to enable the Island to achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2050.

The changes required to achieve net zero emissions will create business opportunities in many areas including;

  • Improving Heating and Energy Efficiency in Buildings
  • Generating Renewable Energy and Providing Energy Storage Facilities
  • Introducing Low Carbon Vehicles

Isle of Man's Cleantech Taxonomy and themes

Embracing sustainability and environmental stewardship, this sector challenges entrepreneurs to fuse innovation with ecological consciousness, addressing critical issues related to our planet’s well-being.

Example issues:

  • TRANSPARENT ETHICAL SUPPLY CHAIN: Create solutions enabling measurement, verification and traceability of end-to-end supply chains thereby promoting sustainable sourcing, production, and consumption practices.

  • ENERGY DEMAND MANAGEMENT: Innovate to enhance demand-side response, meeting energy needs on the island efficiently while fostering sustainability and resilience.

  • SUSTAINABLE BUILDING SOLUTIONS: Develop cost-effective solutions to make our existing and future building stock more sustainable and auditable.

Innovation Challenge 2024


The Innovation Challenge 2024, hosted by the Isle of Man, is your gateway to an extraordinary opportunity to drive change, unleash your creativity, and make a lasting impact on the world.

This year’s Challenge extends its reach to three distinct themes: FinTech, Cleantech, and Artificial Intelligence. We invite visionaries and disruptors from around the world to participate and provide pioneering solutions to address challenges faced by companies in the Island and globally.

The Isle of Man, a UNESCO Biosphere, is the ideal backdrop for the Innovation Challenge. With its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and quality of life, it offers a unique ecosystem that balances conservation, economic development, and culture. Our agile regulatory environment and supportive community make the Isle of Man the perfect testbed for your ground-breaking ideas.

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