Concierge Service


Business Isle of Man through the Department for Enterprise has always provided support to companies relocating or expanding their current set-up in the Island. The guidance provided by the Department, with regards to site selection and planning applications has been instrumental in helping complex development projects move from conception to execution. 

This is in addition to the support required for other aspects of setting up including immigration/work permits, financial support and tax.

The Concierge Service is the formalisation of this process of support and would help set expectations for businesses using it while also unlocking significant economic benefits for the wider community.



  1. Assess land requirements
  2. Introduction to key stakeholders
  3. Support through planning application including input into economic contribution


  • Assess and understand the built environment requirements of your business (including location) within the framework of Government policies and strategies.


  • Provide information on the available property or land in private and public ownership, and where pertinent to the proposals, the relevant aspects of planning.

  • Help support your business with the development of the planning application and facilitate appropriate consultation with key stakeholders.


  • Make introductions to the relevant built environment consultants and any other areas of government pertinent to the business needs and project outcomes.


  • If applicable, suggest Major Apps Route or ‘normal’ pre-planning route. 

  • Provide input on the economic value of the planning application as part of our role as consultee in the planning process.


  • If the business decides to go forward with public land – the service will support businesses through the purchase, or lease of property or land and associated issues relating to that.


  • Make introductions to grant funding, if required. 



Businesses applying for use of this service must demonstrate how their projects will:

  1. Deliver on Government’s high level economic drivers, such as those set out within the Economic Strategy
  2. Contribute towards job creation in the Island

Your contact for enquiries about the Concierge Service

Stephen Moore

Policy Development Manager

+44 (0) 1624 652254

Stephen Moore Policy Development Manager Business Isle of Man