About Us

Business Isle of Man was created to facilitate the support, development and promotion of key sectors involved in the export of physical goods and related services from the Isle of Man, and those operating services within the local economy. Through establishing the Island as a centre of international excellence, its purpose is to deliver long-term sustainable economic growth.


As an Executive Agency within the Department for Enterprise, Business Isle of Man is a public/private partnership, acting as a key decision maker and advisory body for the economic prosperity of the its key sectors.


A direct conduit for businesses into Government, the agency strives to create an environment for renowned international brands, start-ups and everything in-between to flourish, using its strong partnerships with the private sector to draw upon the Island’s expertise, creativity and connections.

Our Vision

We aim to create a shared vision for the Isle of Man as an internationally well-regarded economic base for export businesses. We thrive to be recognised for our technical service performance and competence, which is underpinned by a well- developed infrastructure and environment conductive to the needs of the targeted sectors. 


Our Mission

Across our sectors we want to develop and implement a range of strategies and goals which will support economic growth. We also want to work with a range of private and public stakeholders to ultimately promote the island as an amazing place to work, live and do business. 

Our Objectives

A conduit between government and business

Act as the primary conduit between government and business – helping to create the right environment for the sector to achieve sustainable growth

Set clear, measurable and transparent targets for success

Set clear, measurable, and achievable targets for success, prioritising resources to ensure that results are delivered

Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration

Drive collaboration and knowledge-sharing with the private sector and industry experts

Make the Isle of Man an internationally well-regarded economic base for business

Create a shared vision and strategy for the Isle of Man as an internationally well-regarded economic base for export business, recognised for technical and service performance and competence

Our Values


Our Sectors

Business Isle of Man proudly supports 57% of private sector jobs in the Isle of Man working with a diverse range of industries and businesses.

Built Environment
Engineering & Manufacturing
Food & Drink
Local Economy
Medicinal Cannabis

Our Sectors' Contribution


contribution to INCOME TAX & NI

share of GDP