Medicinal Cannabis

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The medicinal cannabis sector is the newest industry sector to be added within Business Isle of Man’s strategy to encourage and expand regulatory entrepreneurship as an economic engine for the Island's growth. In 2021 the Isle of Man Government introduced a flexible and detailed regulatory framework to allow commercial operators to grow, manufacture, distribute and export cannabis products under license from the Isle of Man.

The Regulator: The GSC


The sector is regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission (GSC), whom already boast a world-class system for assessing regulatory risk and conducting physical inspections for its licensees through its supervision of the gambling sector. The GSC have worked carefully to apply the best of that framework to the risks in the new sector, ensuring that all stakeholders will be competent, crime free and capable of building a sector that is safe, trusted and efficient.

The sector is regulated to allow operators to export to legal markets around the globe and provide the flexibility to allow for the innovation and novel new uses of the cannabis plant, ranging from industrial uses of hemp to medical uses of the plant and its extracts.

Licensing Pathways

There are several licensing pathways under the new legislation which are dependent upon the type of cannabis product the intended licensee wishes to either produce, distribute or export from the Island. These include:

For organisations wanting to grow Low THC cannabis for the production, distribution or export of fibre/industrial hemp or CBD products.

For organisations looking to grow High THC cannabis.

For organisations looking to import or export to/from the Isle of Man.

For organisations looking to process or extract cannabinoids from cannabis biomass.

For individuals or organisations looking to possess cannabinoid substances for testing and analysis.

For individuals or organisations looking to possess cannabinoid substances for research and development.

Please note that research and development applications use the same application pathway as High THC cultivation Licence applications.

For organisations looking to transport and store cannabis independent of cultivation.

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