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Food & Drink from the Isle of Man, the world’s only entire nation UNESCO BIOSPHERE

From sustainably sourced seafood, to award-winning, premium cheeses and meats, the Isle of Man is home to a diverse range of distinctive food and drink producers. 

The Island has a long tradition of farming and fishing and is known worldwide for its distinctive produce. Our world-renowned products include, Isle of Man Queenies, which have protected designation of origin (PDO), and Manx Loaghtan Lamb, a rare breed native to the Island.

Our Producers

Agriculture & Seafood

Isle of Man Creamery
Isle of Man Meats
Island Seafare


Outlier Distilling Company
Okell's Brewery
The Fynoderee Distillery


Isle of Man Salt Co.
Davison's Ice Cream
Fire Island

Why the Isle of Man

The Island boasts access to high quality award winning produce and an abundance of natural resources; provenance and traceability assurance, sustainable fresh produce, low food miles, high quality standards, good environmental conditions for forage-based systems, artisan products.

As the first entire Island nation in the world to be awarded UNESCO Biosphere status, the Island hosts numerous biosphere initiatives to maintain and improve the environment - both supporting local produce and minimising waste. 12 nautical miles of surrounding Manx-owned waters are sustainably managed whilst most farms are accredited by Farm Assurance Schemes.

Our Land and Sea

Manx Agriculture

Our Island’s agricultural heritage is rooted in tradition, with approximately 75% of the Island’s land utilised for agriculture. Manx farmers have avoided industrial scale agriculture and have retained more traditional farming practices.

The Island is home to hundreds of farms and the Island’s fields are on average one fifth of the size of those in the UK. With smaller plots and a commitment to sustainable practices, we’ve nurtured a bio-diverse environment where wildlife thrives in the midst of established hedgerows, which are among the longest in the British Isles.

Manx Seafood

Isle of Man Queenies is a protected designation of origin product with the UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs. This accreditation validates the unique nature of Manx queen scallops and the “Isle of Man Queenie” has been rated as the most sustainable wild-caught queen scallop in the British Isles by the Marine Conservation Society.

The rating reflects the overarching commitment to sustainability that guides the Isle of Man Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture. The Department are acknowledged internationally for their commitment to conservation and their work has resulted in increased quotas alongside improved seafood sustainability ratings.

Following a review in 2023, the Isle of Man King Scallop Fishery is now recognised by the highly regarded Marine Conservation Society as among the most sustainably managed king scallop fishery in the British Isles. The improved rating followed numerous management initiatives, including changes to the types of fishing gear permitted, vessel control and scientific surveys, and the launch of the UK’s first long term management plan for inshore scallop fishing. Scallop management practices include minimum landing sizes, a closed season, closed areas, and a 6pm and 6am curfew, which protects vulnerable nocturnal species.


  • does not result in the overexploitation of fish stocks,
  • takes place in a manner that maintains populations of harvested species and,
  • is aligned with their complete eco-system approach to fisheries

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