05 September 2022

Recyclecollect is a kerbside recycling service like no other.

In April 2021 Clara Isaac and her husband Andrew decided to use their skills and expertise to put a modern twist on recycling collections to make them as economically and environmentally efficient as possible, and ultimately improve recycling rates on the Isle of Man. 

Recyclecollect’s bespoke online management system and user interface was designed and developed by Clara & Andrew to automate administration and provide a platform for user feedback, interaction and education.

Recyclecollect is active on their webpage and social media sites, engaging the Manx public and making recycling information readily available and easily accessible. The team have been discussing the topic of recycling with several schools and businesses across the island with great enthusiasm shown by all.

Recyclecollect collects from areas that previously did not receive a kerbside collection, and have released collection rounds across the island, with only a few remote areas still to achieve sufficient interest. 

Their goal is to continue to increase the island’s recycling rate and expand their reach to more people who cannot get to the amenity sites or bring banks themselves. This includes not just busy professionals and families, but also people who really want to support recycling being the norm in our households. Recyclecollect's mission is to make that as easy and convenient as possible.

The 1st September marks their anniversary. Take up in the first 12 months has been incredible with over 700 houses now using the service, and relationships with 2 local parishes established to date. In this time they have collected a massive:

  • 71,284kg of recycling
    • 2,780kg of cartons
    • 11,900kg of plastic & cans
    • 21,580kg of cardboard & paper and
    • 35,024kg of glass!

As recyclecollect marches into their second year, Clara says:

‘I would like to say a huge thank you to all of our partners, customers and employees who have played in vital part in our journey. We could not have done it without them all.’

For more information and to follow our progress please visit our website Facebook, InstagramTwitter and Linkedin.