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The Isle of Man is home to a whole host of innovative and quirky independent shops, eateries and drinking establishments of all shapes and sizes; offering a real mix of locally produced and handmade goods. Although the last year has been challenging for many businesses, it has also spurred many individuals to adapt their business models, and also start new ventures…

Below we’ve outlined just a few of the up and coming new and soon to be open, independent businesses ready to burst out onto the Isle of Man scene.


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Corvall Skate Store

The Isle of Man’s first online skate store!

Local skater Glenn Yates has created Corvall, which offers a range of popular skater branded clothing and skating equipment. Glenn will also be running skate jams and events in the near future.

Fun fact, Corvall in Manx Gaelic means Chaos.

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Sugarcoat Nail Salon

Situated upstairs in the Market Hall in Douglas, Sugarcoat specialises in Gel Polish, Nail Art, Acrylics & Pedicures with a loyalty scheme for returning customers. Throughout the lockdown, Sugarcoat diversified their offering and sold home gel kits.

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Uncle Fills

Uncle Fills is a specialist grocery store, selling ethical, local and seasonal produce in Castletown. The shop aims to become as zero waste as possible with an ethos of promoting awareness of the impact of fashion and cosmetics on animals. The store has recently moved to selling their produce online at whilst launching Jazzy Jeffs, a vintage and ethical clothes store in the same building.

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Pigs Love to Paint (PLTP)

Local artist, Nicole de Villiers, is the mastermind behind this illustration and handmade earrings business, which takes inspiration from both South Africa and the Isle of Man. During the circuit breaker lockdown, the online business offered gift options where customers could add personalised gifts to their order for friends and family. Nicole is also a regular at many of the Island’s local artisan markets.

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Food and Drink

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Vibrant Inspiring, Beautiful, Eating (VIBE) is a planet-based urban café that aims to provide a relaxing environment with nutritional breakfast and lunches in the heart of Douglas.

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Time Out Noodle Bar

Originally in Castletown, Time Out Noodle Bar focuses on… you got it - noodles! The bar aims to provide quick and quality service to all their customers. The team have now opened a new café in the heart of Douglas.

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Veg & Vitality

The Isle of Man’s first 100% plant-based delivery service, Veg & Vitality sell a range of vegan produce across the Island and promote the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle to their followers.

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Welcome to the Isle of Man’s first Japanese Sushi restaurant. Located in the heart of Castletown, the new restaurant produces a wide variety of Asian-inspired sushi dishes and is receiving rave reviews across social media.

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Lifestyle and Wellbeing

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Lyph Lab

Lyph Lab is a nutrition and wellness brand based in the Isle of Man. We focus on providing evidence-based, healthy living solutions through education and coaching. Each client’s wellbeing is at the core of everything we do - from creating bespoke nutritional packages to providing physical health testing, and the manufacture of body care products.

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Located at the Nunnery Campus in Douglas, Therafloat uses cutting-edge neuroscience technology to help improve cognitive health functions. The organisation provides services for injury recovery and sensory floatation experiences.

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