05 January 2022

Businesses in the Isle of Man have gained a UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man accreditation after taking part in training in sustainable practices.

UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man joined up with the Department for Enterprise, Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce, One World Centre and University College Isle of Man to put on Sustainable Mann, a six-part pilot workshops series for businesses.

Experts led sessions on starting and growing a sustainable business, energy use, climate mitigation, recycling, adopting a circular economy approach and the effects of their decisions on wildlife and nature.

The session content was created following a survey asking businesses what training they would like.

Fourteen businesses completed all six Sustainable Mann sessions, gaining them the accreditation certificate.

Clare Barber MHK, Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture, praised participants, saying: ‘Businesses have wide-ranging effects on the environment, through manufacturing, influencing investment, consuming energy, creating waste and travelling.

‘By taking positive actions in their day to day operations, they can contribute towards the sustainable future we all strive for. These positive actions also influence their workforces, customers and suppliers.’

The Minister added: ‘It has been heartening to see so many busy businesses attending the sessions and to be able to award the first ever accreditation to 14 businesses that participated in all six workshops. I know they are taking their learning back to effect change within their organisations. Congratulations to them.’

UNESCO Biospheres have three functions: sustainable development, conservation and learning.

Locally, UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man delivers its work under its strategy ‘Working Together for a Sustainable Future’.