Alcohol Licensing Training Support Scheme

28 May 2024

Department for Enterprise, in consultation with the Licensing Forum and the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), announced an improved training support scheme for Hospitality Qualifications for ‘Responsible Persons’,  ‘Doorstaff members’ (and by extension, for 'Authorised Persons').

This scheme aims to mitigate the impact on businesses of initially putting in place training for Responsible Persons who, while generally might otherwise be eligible for Vocational Training Assistance Scheme (VTAS) funding support on application, would instead be able to negate this administrative process. 

How does it work?

The Department for Enterprise will contribute 50% off the costs in relation to training for ‘Responsible Persons’, ‘Doorstaff’ and, should the proposed Amendment Regulations be approved, ‘Authorised Persons’.

This is an increase on the 30% historically available through the VTAS scheme and will be provided directly with a much simplified process with the requirement for pre-approval removed.

It should be noted that this arrangement is in place for a 12 month period and funding support is limited to application to either the VTAS scheme or the alternative Department for Enterprise initiative, not both.  

How to apply?

Please get in touch directly with the DHA approved training provider to book a training slot.

For more information on the training requirements under the Liquor Licensing and Public Entertainments Act 2021 please click the link here