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Business Isle of Man in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce are hosting a series of knowledge exchange workshops for on-Island businesses looking to grow and innovate while navigating the current economic environment. The workshops will begin in October 2022 and will be delivered in collaboration with experts from the industry, businesses owners and government specialists covering a broad range of topics including Company Structures, VAT, Basic Accounting, Digital Marketing, Scaling up for Export, Accessing Finance, Ecommerce Payment Solutions and Business Resilience.

Registrations are now open, with details below. 


Learn How to Grow your Business with Social Media Marketing

This session is aimed at individuals who have little or no experience with social media marketing for business. 

The digital world continues to change at a fast pace, and what was working 12 months ago isn’t working now. This session will provide an overview of the marketing landscape, how social media marketing fits into this in 2022 and why promotion of your business continues to be important even in trickier times. 

1. Why we need to market our business
2. The Digital Landscape – a high level overview
3. The importance of understanding where your ideal clients spend their time online 
4. Why understanding your ideal clients’ pain points is key to your content strategy and planning
5. An overview of the different formats of social media content
6. Understanding the different content required for the different stages of the buyer journey
7. Paid versus organic content and why you need to consider both in 2022
8. The importance of conversion focussed copy
9. The importance of quality creative

10 November 2022

Eagle Lab from 9:30-11:30am

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Presenter: Kirsty Lawrence, Founder of Mann Social and Social Media Marketing & Advertising Consultant

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Unlocking Digital Marketing and Content Strategy

The world of digital marketing is a vast arena that many get completely lost in and find totally overwhelming, and no wonder! Within digital marketing there are many specialisms that are often full-time roles within themselves such as Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, PPC Advertising, Digital Public Relations, Social Media and so much more! In this workshop we will start to demystify all these areas within Digital Marketing and find out what is relevant to YOUR business. 

This workshop will cover: 

1. An overview of digital marketing 

2. The buyer's journey 

3. What is and isn't relevant to your individual business

4. How to use your time effectively when marketing your business with limited resources

5. Creativity vs Ad Spend - How to hit the sweet spot for online advertising!  

24 November 2022

Eagle Lab from 9:30-11:30am

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Presenter: Rhian O'Leary, Founder of Regality Ltd and Digital Marketing Specialist

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A Guide to Company Structures, Basic Accounting and VAT

An insightful session covering everything you need to know about the different types of Company structures, the legal requirement for basic accounting, the types of accounting records and how to choose a software that is proportionate to your business’s needs. This workshop will also explain basic taxation including: Income tax, VAT, Payroll taxes and overseas filings.

12 January 2023

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Presenter: Nicola Bowker, Managing Director at Nicola Bowker & Co

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How to get the best results out of Social Media Advertising

9 February 2023

This workshop is aimed at individuals who already have some knowledge of using social media for business. 

Organic social media marketing is still an important part of an integrated digital marketing strategy, but in 2023 reach will continue to decline. The best marketers are now utilising paid social to reach existing and new online audiences, to build their brands, grow their email lists and sell their products. In this session Kirsty will cover:

1. Why we need to continue to market in tricky times
2. The Digital Landscape – a high level overview
3. Understanding your data and social media marketing efficiency
4. The digital trinity – how social / email / website work together
5. The power of paid social and what is possible
6. A closer look at how paid social (ads) can grow your email list
7. The importance of knowing your audience to create conversion focussed copy
8. The importance of creative and understanding what works BEFORE you brief the creative team

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Presenter: Kirsty Lawrence, Founder of Mann Social and Social Media Marketing & Advertising Consultant

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Further Workshop Topics (dates and presenters to be announced soon)

Linkedin for Business

A guide to Government Procurement

Managing Risk (Insurance, public, employee)

Trade & Export

Protecting your Intellectual Property

Ecommerce & Payment gateway solutions

Access to Finance 




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