Retail circle v2


To co-ordinate, encourage and support the future development of Retail in line with changing markets, distribution & purchasing trends through the development of existing businesses and those in pursuit of new opportunities. To support the development of an appropriate environment to enable Retail to adapt and thrive and sustain the Isle of Man as a vibrant place to live and work.


Produce a current state map on the strategic position of the IOM Retail Sector

Improve vitality and viability support a good mix of independent and multinational retailers

Improve the quality of life through supporting and growing the retail, hospitality and leisure offering.

Retail sector in the Isle of Man provides a shopping experience which caters both to the local population and visitors with an excellent mix of well-known high street brands and independent retailers. Included within the sector are Hospitality businesses.

Retail, Wholesale, and Catering/Entertainment are a significant part of the Isle of Man’s economy, contributing 4.2% of GDP and supporting 14% of jobs.

To keep pace with rising expectations from the public, it is becoming increasingly important to develop the Isle of Man shopping and Hospitality experience and continues to attract customers.


Your Contacts:

Business Development Manager: Tim Cowsill

Executive Board Member: Carol Glover