Logistics circle


To co-ordinate and gain recognition for the logistics industry which provides a vital life line to the Island and its industry. To maintain the highest standards of service to industry and the public in partnership with air and sea service providers. To reduce the environment impact of the industry.


Promote a greener industry

Support the air strategy

Review of export duty to stimulate growth

The efficient and swift movement of goods is vital to keep the wheels of the economy moving. Business Isle of Man is excited to develop a strategy which supports an improved Logistical network for the Island’s future. No business will work without a strong logistics network supporting it.

The Logistic Sector can be broken down into:


As this is a domestic part of the economy, the quality of our road infrastructure also affects industries outside of Logistics including sectors such as Retail and Construction. Therefore, movement of goods around the island is vital for development of the economy in multiple areas.


The Ferry services to the Island are the main way that freight is transported from the UK mainland and vice versa. Whilst we are centric to the UK, we also have services to and from Ireland. The majority of goods are moved through the Steam Packet as the main operator, which has recently been bought by the Isle of Man Government as an opportunity for the Logistics industry to develop and better-support the Manx Economy.


The Isle of Man has some good flight connections to the UK and Ireland which also supports Business and Tourism, making it vital to the Manx Economy. Development of an Air Freight company is currently underway which Business IOM is supporting. This is another example of how the Logistics industry is developing better connections to and from the Island.

Overall, Business Isle of Man will look to:


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Business Development Manager: Tim Cowsill

Executive Board Member: Steve Pickett