Sustainable September: Celton Manx goes Solar

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During the businesses expansion and development of the Island's first Online Live Dealer Studio in summer 2020, Celton required a reliable 21st option to ensure grid resilience against any potential grid brownouts (where there is a reduction in or restriction on the availability of electrical power in a particular area) or even more damaging, a blackout (total failure in the electricity supply).

During this research, generators were discussed, along with potential changes to the business's incoming electricity supply. Generators are known to be costly, environmentally unfriendly and an archaic technology.

This is where Tesla came in.

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The Tesla PowerWalls were investigated and were found that, unlike a generator, they could be matched with a solar panel installation. This solution would not only ensure continual electrical supply through battery back-up, but also utilises the vast unused roof space to self generate electricity thus reducing the Company's carbon dioxide emissions, whilst recharging the batteries for the potential event of a brownout or blackout.

Along with its other ESG goals, the Company is committed to further enhancing its carbon dioxide reduction through the investigation into alternative, more efficient heating, recycling, staff engagement and wider community projects.


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