New Consultation for Health & Safety

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Construction Isle of Man (CIOM) is seeking the opinions of Members of CIOM, holders of CIOM Certification Scheme Cards and other key stakeholders to the proposed changes to the entry requirements for the CIOM Certification Scheme.

An important part of our remit is to improve health and safety in the construction sector, this has been requested and encouraged by the Health and Safety Executive, Government Departments including the DoI, DfE and Treasury and Manx Utilities.

If you would like to review the proposed changes, and give us your views, click the tab below to view the full consultation, and follow the submission guidelines listed below.

Consultees will be asked questions relevant to the proposed changes. If you would like to respond to any or all of the questions, please provide your submission through one of the following methods:

  • Digital survey submission (Link to survey)
  • Email response to
  • Post to the CIOM office
  • In-person. (Please contact CIOM’s office to schedule an in-person meeting)

Please note that CIOM will assume unless notified otherwise, that you do not object to your response or the name of your organisation (or your own name if you are responding as an individual) being included in any data reports generated by the consultation. If you want all or any part of your reply to be treated as confidential, then please notify the CIOM office before the consultation period is concluded.

The consultation period ends on 05/09/2022. Any submission received after this date will not be included in the final consultation.

Following consultation, CIOM will:

  • Review and evaluate comments received from consultees
  • Publish a review of comments received to the CIOM membership
  • Set out the next steps for future changes relating to the proposed changes


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