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Jazzy Jeff’s was born out of a small section of our sister store, Uncle Fill’s, that seemed to be super popular. Uncle Fill’s is a zero waste & ethical store on a crusade to reduce waste and exploitation in all aspects of life; from cooking to looking fresshhhhh. We started off with a small selection of vintage clothes in the back of our store in Castletown but it quickly became clear that the good people of the Isle of Man wanted more!! And so Jazzy Jeff’s was born.

We have two amazing members of the team who run the shop full time; Hazel – who has been with us since the start of Uncle Fill’s and Gabby a vintage fashion blogger and lover of all things 70’s who started with us when our Castletown store became dedicated to vintage and ethical fashion. We will hand over to them for an insight into a delivery day at Jazzy Jeff’s…

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I’ve been part of the Jazzy Jeff's journey from the start and i'm so happy with the positive response that we’ve received with it. My favourite part of the job has 100% been having ace chats with the team and with customers. It's been really great to see how many people are passionate about making positive changes!

I absolutely love the outfits that I see people wearing in the shop, it’s so cool to see everyone being able to express themselves with all different styles. We hope to make the shop as inclusive as possible, that's super important to us. We’re always trying to find out what people want to see in the shop, and it's great when we can get customers what they want. 

Our mission is to make fashion sustainable, while still being affordable. Globally there is 13 million tons of textile waste produced each year, 95% of which could be reused or recycled, that is absolutely mental! We encourage everyone to be part of the fight against fast fashion. From what we've gathered, the main reason that people buy fast fashion is because it's cheap and easy, but we want to prove that it's completely possible to look absolutely class without the environment having to pay for it!


I’ve been working for Jazzy Jeffs for about two months now and I’m absolutely loving it! I’ve always had a huge love and keen eye for all things vintage so I was really psyched to join the JJ’s team! 

What I love most is being able to be my authentic self at work, I can rock up in some vintage cowboy boots and a tassel jacket and nobody will bat an eyelid

A Day in the Life Of Jazzy Jeff's (On a Delivery day) 


Open the shop and prepare for the day, stick some tunes on, give the shop a quick tidy and make a brew.

Jazzy Jeffs Spotify Playlist, give it a listen!


11AM, the shop doors open and we begin to serve and chat to customers! There are some very interesting characters who walk through the doors and we’ve even gained a few regulars who we love to chat to! 

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At around 12 our vintage delivery usually arrives, we sign off the delivery and drag those mighty hefty boxes of wonder through the tiniest door frames & corridor known to man and then we load them into our stock room. We start rummaging through the boxes of clothes and count the quantities and then pick out some of the best bits for ourselves (perks of the job, right?) and then we usually snap a few pics to show the new delivery on Instagram.

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At 1pm we’ll grab a bite to eat and maybe another cuppa and then get back to it! We select some new pieces from the delivery to go out into the shop and then we steam and price each garment and usually take some photographs of the new bits for social media.



Between this time we usually have a little break from steaming and change up the shop displays, we try to do this every week to keep it fresh! We dress our mannequins and then usually choose some of the funkiest pieces to go on our back wall behind the till point and always give the window display some sort of theme, taking inspiration from some of the pieces we have in the shop.


Back to steaming and pricing those new garms (it never stops! but we don’t mind) We continue to steam for most of the day and the days following, putting out new stock constantly. 


4:00PM - 5:00PM

Between 4-5 we usually continue steaming as well as checking our social media accounts, replying to messages and queries and doing some admin stuff like researching what’s on trend, looking for new suppliers and unique pieces for the shop as well as adding to our list of ideas for the shop for when we have our weekly team meetings / catch ups.

5:00PM - 6:00PM

Putting out new stock, giving the shop a tidy as we go along and then at 6PM we close the doors, cash up and give the floors a sweep and a mop (all whilst dancing and singing to 70’s disco or folk rock tunes)

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