Sustainable September: Food Sustainability in our UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

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Food, glorious food. The apple of my eye. Two peas in a pod. Take it with a pinch of salt…Food not only has an important place on our tables but in our vocabulary; history, culture, communities and, in 2022, on our Instagram.

It also plays the biggest role in climate change; up to a quarter of global CO2 emissions come from food. Growing, rearing, transporting, processing and packaging equal lots of carbon consumption.

What do we mean when we say food sustainability? Granola, falafel, oat milk and a dent in our pocket? In a nutshell, it is meeting our food needs without compromising the capacity for future generations to meet their own needs in a fruitful way.

This can only be achieved by protecting our natural resources and producing and consuming food in a considered way, from seed to spoonful.

The Isle of Man is the only entire nation UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and is positioned perfectly to offer local solutions to global problems. Our vision and strategy is called ‘Working Together for a Sustainable Future’ and ‘Together’ is key in this as we all need to contribute to see change.  

Local and seasonally is the most sustainable way to eat. The Isle of Man has an exceptional Food and Drink scene and many of our producers and food outlets are partnered with Biosphere Isle of Man. This means they have committed to: protect our natural resources, develop our economy in a sustainable way, support and promote our cultural heritage, engage with the local community and make our environmental impact positive where possible. So this really strengthens the sustainable food scene on the Island while incorporating the holistic management of the Biosphere.

Partnered businesses are able to utilise the Biosphere Isle of Man logo with pride, which can add subtle value and attraction to products and establishments, especially in times where conscious consumerism is growing and visitors to the Island are looking for a food-rich experience.

For residents, local food may seem to have a higher price tag, as producers are contending with a large-scale market of global import, but buying whatever you can will make a difference and you can also seek advice in this area by getting in touch with us.

We have a plethora of Manx ingredients available to make food from scratch, which is hugely important. The number of things you can do with a potato is incredible– boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew (if you know, you know). And growing whatever you can wherever you can will only help your finances and sense of accomplishment, as well as thinking about your food waste and how to make the lowest environmental impact.  

Email for any further information on our partnership scheme and how this could benefit your business, or for further guidance and advice around food sustainability.




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