Sustainable September: EVs for MIC

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The Isle of Man is a unique location to switch to Low Emission Electric Vehicles due to the compact road network - it is extremely difficult to drive hundreds of miles in a single day.  Following the recent developments in the electric van market, Manx Independent Carriers have been able to embark on a program to reduce costs and emissions. Our first MAN eTGE electric van arrived on the Island a few months ago and two more electric vehicles are on order and due to arrive soon.

Our business is always looking for ways to reduce our overheads and keep our freight rates competitive. Whilst the initial cost of an electric van is high when compared to an equivalent diesel van, savings are made in everyday running costs. Our UK Customers are also pleased that we have shown a commitment to reducing our carbon footprint by introducing electric vehicles whilst delivering on their behalf.

Our short delivery routes mean we do not suffer “Range Anxiety”. We always have enough power from overnight charging and regenerative braking to complete our daily rounds that usually do not exceed about 75 miles. The MAN eTGE is simple to drive. It is automatic with no gearbox or clutch to master so does not have the hundreds of moving parts associated with the Internal Combustion Engine meaning maintenance costs are expected to be significantly lower.

The electric vehicle is based on the same chassis/body as our MAN diesel vans so most features are identical, and our drivers tell us the van is comfortable and stress free to drive which is ideal for our multi drop operations. Some Drivers who were initially a bit sceptical when given an Electric Van, have grown to love driving them.

Steve Corkill who has driven our first Electric van comments:

“I was not sure about the van when it first arrived as I had never driven an electric car never mind an electric van. After driving it for the past three months, I have come to really like and appreciate the vehicle. It is very responsive and easy to drive. I deliver around the Douglas area and find it very smooth and quiet.

I also do longer delivery runs to Ramsey from Douglas and the vehicle’s range is more than capable of covering these distances. The MAN eTGE has regenerative braking and I am able to use the braking to recharge the battery giving me an extra 20 miles on a journey to Ramey.

It is also good to know I am working for a Company that is trying to do their bit for the environment.”

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Our experience so far is positive (no pun intended) and we are gaining experience of this type of vehicle so that when petrol/diesel vehicles are no longer available for our operations, we will be fully conversant with all aspects of alternative fuel vehicles. So far it is only the van market that offers a realistic alternative to diesel engines, but the future will bring alternative fuels such as Hydrogen for our heavier trucks.  Manx Independent Carriers will be watching developments with interest and will be sure to be ahead of the game as the technology develops.


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