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Business Isle of Man has recently recruited four new members to the team over the past few months. Introducing Rob Green - Business Development Manager, Katy Ashwell - Development Coordinator, Thomas Richardson-Hall - Small Business Development Executive and Callum Rowley - Marketing Executive.

We asked them a couple questions to find out more about each of them: 

What is your business background?


Rob Green - Before joining the Business Agency, I worked as a finance and operations manager within the e-gaming industry. Prior to that, I was the co-owner of a retail business selling on Island and online.

Katy Ashwell - I moved to the Isle of Man in 2012 while working in the private sector for an IT company. In October 2018 I joined the Department working for Visit Isle of Man. This was a varied role working with the tourism industry on the island, and my primary focus was supporting visitor accommodation businesses. 

Thomas Richardson-Hall - After 6 years in the private sector, I wanted to test my skills and abilities on a stage where I could make a real difference locally.

Callum Rowley – I have always held Marketing role in a range of sectors. I started off as an apprentice and moved my way up through positions, eventually joining the Department for Enterprise in 2021.


What was your inspiration for joining the Business Agency?


Rob Green - I enjoy learning about creative, product-oriented businesses and I am eager to play an active role in ensuring the Island has a resilient and diversified economy.

Katy Ashwell - When an opportunity arose in the Business Agency I was excited by the diversity of the sectors they work with and the new challenge this would provide.

Thomas Richardson-Hall - Starting as the Small Business Development Executive is an exciting opportunity to put my experience from the past 2 years within the Agency and my many years of working in commercial banking to work for the good of the Island. There is a wonderful variety of businesses that exist on the island and working to help these develop and tailoring the Business isle of Man offering to their needs will be a highly satisfying challenge.

Callum Rowley – The vast range of sectors that Business IoM look after is really exciting and allows me to gain knowledge and market sectors that are unique to the Island.


Where is your favourite spot on the Island?


Rob Green - Glen Roy in Lonan.

Katy Ashwell - I love the variety of landscapes you can find so close together here. Drive for 20 minutes and the scenery can change so dramatically. However, and I am biased as I am fortunate to live down that way, but my favourite spot on the island is Port Erin beach.

Thomas Richardson-Hall - It would have to be Snaefell, nothing beats a sunny day on the highest part of the island. Being able to see all of our breath-taking island from one spot is something I will never get tired of.

Callum Rowley – I’d probably have to say the walk up South Barrule as you can see so much of the Island from one place.


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