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The Engine House took advantage of the Manx Internship programme to receive additional resource for marketing and legal assistance. Both host, Eric Evenson and interns, Katy Short and George Willoughby, spoke about their experience below.

Eric Evenson - Host

 Eric Evenson

Why did you apply to take on an intern?

I saw the opportunity to bring in a younger, fresh approach to the marketing aspect of our business strategy.

How did your intern help your business?

Our intern, Katy helped by providing a completely new face and voice to our social media presence and enhancing our brand.

How did the outcome of the internship compare to your initial expectations?

I was pleasantly surprised at how beneficial it was to the company. Our social media and marketing had come to a standstill with a lack of new ideas to spread our business to the general populous. It also enabled us to create and deploy a new website that has had a very beneficial response in the market.

Did you have any hesitations in applying to take on an intern?

No, none.

What would you say to other businesses considering the scheme but have their own hesitations?

These people are our future and real stepping stones for building our economy.

Katy Short - Marketing Intern

Katy Short

Why did you apply for the Programme? 

I was looking for experience in the field of work I wanted to pursue in a real-life working environment.

Where did you complete your placement and what was the project about?

I completed my placement at The Engine House and I worked with the team on a complete rebrand, intending to modernise the brand.

What are the benefits of the Programme for students/young adults?

The opportunity to network with professionals and grow as a professional myself was fantastic experience.

How did you settle into your placement?

Great, both the Department for Enterprise and my host company, The Engine House, were very helpful and excited to have me work with them which was so lovely.

Would you recommend the intern Programme to other students?

Most definitely, you have nothing to lose!


George Willoughby - Legal Intern

 George W

Why did you apply for the programme?

To gain some valuable experience in the legal profession, my chosen area of study at university.

Where did you complete your placement and what was the project about?

Unity Legal and The Engine House - I was tasked with reading, editing and creating legal documents and conducting legal research.

What are the benefits of the programme for young adults?

The Internship Programme offers the perfect opportunity to explore various professions, whether it's something the student wants to go into or not. It's great for discovering what sectors/roles may be of interest.

How did you settle into your placement?

Very well! I was made to feel very welcome and my host took the time to guide me through the work I didn't yet have experience in.

Would you recommend the Internship Programme to other students?

Absolutely. It was such a good opportunity to be paid and gain professional experience, I would love to do it again and would definitely recommend it to other students and young individuals who want to gain valuable experience in the workplace.


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