Internship Programme 2020

The Department for Enterprise has launched an Internship Programme focused on individuals aged 18 – 25. The scheme will provide work-based placements for young people to gain experience, and will support businesses with additional resources during a challenging time.

Young People – why take part in the internship programme?

Businesses / Third Sector / Other Organisations – why take part?


How long will the placements last?

The standard placement will last 6 weeks, but this can be flexible if required for a shorter or longer period, up to 8 weeks, based on project availability and study commencement dates

How do I get involved?

Simply fill in the forms on this page and our programme co-ordinator will be in touch shortly to help match you with the right project/ talent.

What sort of work is this suitable for?

Projects could include Market Research, Digital Marketing planning, Event Marketing, Manufacturing Concepts and Designs, Setting up IT systems, Environmental audits, Design of new Products, Diversification opportunity planning, Communications planning, Setting up Websites, Social Media Audits, Graphic Design projects, Digital Transformation and new ways of working.

What do we need to supply as a business?

Businesses will need to provide information on the scope and aims of each project and provide a line manager for students for the duration of their placement.

Who can take part?

Individuals who are not currently employed can take part.

For businesses – any business sector will be supported, however if you are a Government organisation you will be required to meet wage costs of £256 per week.

The programme is one of the first initiatives to be supported under the £100m Economic Recovery Fund that was announced by Treasury Minister Alfred Cannan MHK in his budget update to July’s Tynwald.

The programme is now closed to new applications from individuals and business hosts. Final work is currently underway by Business Isle of Man to match as many outstanding compatible applications received as possible.