Domestic Event Fund - Single Venue Hospitality Extension

Background on the extension 

Following a review of the support provided by the Domestic Event Fund and feedback received on the importance of events in the Hospitality industry in stimulating footfall and domestic spending, an amendment was made to the Guidelines and Terms and Conditions of the Fund to allow for more targeted support for events planned in single venue locations, for example live music and entertainment in single-venue hospitality establishments.

Cafés, restaurants, public houses, bars and nightclubs are all now eligible to apply for up to £1,500 of financial support for events they are organising in-venue taking place between the 1st January 2022 and the 31st March 2022. The concept of the event itself does not have to be new and may have taken place previously, however, this is a great opportunity for hospitality venues to develop new events and trial unique ideas. Events can include live music and entertainment, comedy nights or themed evenings for example.

As above a maximum funding limit of £1,500 per venue will be in place across the 3 month period until the end of March 2022. This funding could be used to support a small number of large scale events or multiple small scale events across the 3 month period for hospitality venues. It should be noted that as within the standard Domestic Event Fund the maximum amount of funding per events is 80% and the applicant must cover the remaining 20% of event costs.

The specific application form for this single venue Domestic Event Fund extension can be found below. For the standard Domestic Event Fund application route please click here.

An eligible business under this single venue hospitality extension of the Domestic Event Fund must have income wholly or mainly from operating a:

  • Commercial business premises which is registered with the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture as a food business, such as coffee shops, cafes and restaurants;
  • Or Commercial business premises in respect of which an on-licence, granted under the Licensing Act 1995, is in force, such as bars, nightclubs and public houses, whether or not they serve food;

Key support caveats:

  • Support cannot be paid retrospectively for an event that has already taken place or costs that have already been paid out before approval of funding. 
  • Events that have already been planned and advertised/marketed in advance of an application being received will be considered however the preference is that this support is used to facilitate newly planned events in hospitality venues.
  • Events must be open to the general public with free access or via tickets and therefore private events with restricted attendance such as private functions and family events remain excluded.

What types of costs are eligible under the Domestic Event Fund extension?

The financial support can be used to support eligible costs such as equipment hire, marketing/advertising costs and entertainment fees for example and the support looks to reduce the risk associated with putting on these types of events in the current climate. As with the standard Domestic Event Fund route a number of costs remain ineligible for reimbursement including food, drink, freebies, prizes, charity donations, payments to club officials and travel and accommodation costs unless previously agreed by the department.

When is the deadline to apply for the fund?

Given the limits of the Fund, all applications must be received by 25th March 2022 and all events must take place no later than 31st March 2022.

*Where possible please complete this application form using Google Chrome which has increased stability compared to Internet Explorer. 

single venue hospitality extension - application form

If you have any queries in regards to the eligibility for this extension please email –

Planning a COVID-19 aware event in a hospitality venue

Event organisers should make initial preparations before planning an event to promote healthy behaviours, environments, and operations that reduce the spread of COVID-19 in line with current Public Health guidance and advice.

It is recommended that all applicants who submit an application for support through the single venue hospitality extension of the Domestic Event Fund complete a COVID-19 risk assessment for all associated events to reduce the increase risks associated with indoor events/gatherings and ensure the safety of the general public.

Please find further information on key considerations within event planning and risk management when planning an events in the current environment here: