According to UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man, businesses in the Isle of Man play a leading role in creating a more sustainable future.

Across all sectors, there needs to be active consideration in the sourcing of materials, creation of products, heating and lighting of premises, use of packaging, dealing with waste and travelling.

Within the industries that Business Isle of Man looks after, these issues are more prevalent, especially where there is a focus on export and large scale production.

The adoption of sustainable practices has serious business advantages from enhanced reputation and influence for the company and for your employees, however it can be confusing and challenging to know what to do and how to get started.

The best way to go about it also differs greatly from business to business and sector to sector, which is why UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man have provided some sector specific advice.

Their toolkit helps to understand how work in your sector can be undertaken, regardless of your monetary or time budget, and with the benefits for you and the community around us at the forefront.

How can the toolkit help my business?

What's in the toolkit?

The toolkit covers a number of relevant topics for carrying out sustainable practices in your business:

  1. An introduction to sustainability
  2. Why choose sustainability?
  3. Sustainable strategies
  4. Sustainability in context
  5. Suggestions for change: sector specific checklists
    1. Includes: Agriculture, Construction, Retail, and Logistics


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Is sustainability all about the environment?

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) cover all aspects of sustainability which range from eliminating poverty and hunger, to ensuring gender equality, affordable and clean energy as well as climate action, responsible consumption and production and clean water and sanitation. So whilst a big part of sustainability is about the environment, it is by no means all about the environment. The SDGs are actually a very good framework to help guide your sustainability practices. 


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Is a sustainability strategy relevant to my business?

A sustainability strategy allows you to ensure you have sustainable practices that align with the objectives of your business and meet the needs of your stakeholders. It can be embedded in any business of any size or sector but does require a change in mind-set and can't just be a token or an add-on. 

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Sustainability is too expensive and my impact won't make a difference

If big changes are made right away, these overheads can be high, especially when they aren't budgeted for. However, small changes over time to mitigate this are also very helpful. With sustainability becoming more important world and industry wide, the costs of relevant products are coming down and becoming more affordable. Making these changes can improve a company's reputation, leading to increased popularity and leading the way for similar businesses in the future. Every change has an impact.


There are a number of grants offered by the government which can help in the journey to sustainability:

- The Business Energy Saving Scheme

- The Business Improvement Scheme

- Micro-business Grant Scheme

- Investors in People

- Graduate Role Incentive

- Accessibility Grant



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What are the benefits of a sustainable business culture?

- Increased commitment to the business

- Increased employee performance

- Improved business performance and productivity

- Increased adaptability to social and environmental changes

- Cost savings

- Enhanced reputation

- Business accountability 


Read more about having a sustainable culture here


Click here for the full toolkit

The entire suite of advice and complete toolkit and help from UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man is available here and should be used to guide all sustainable business decisions.

Business Isle of Man is responsible for securing the Isle of Man's status as an internationally respected economic hub for the export of high value added products and related services.

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