Starting your own business is an exciting but overwhelming time for an entrepreneur, so we have put together some helpful information to guide prospective start-ups on the Isle of Man.

Hiring Employees

This section will cover how to go about sourcing talent in the Isle of Man for your business.

If you’re looking for more information on the legislation that must be adhered to when becoming an employer, this has already been covered in the legislation section.

Employment Agencies

Joining forces with an employment agency is a great way to source talent. A list of local employment agencies specialising in a range of roles and sectors can be found here.

Locate Isle of Man

If you are struggling to find employees on-Island from a certain sector or with a specific skill-set, please get in touch with Locate Isle of Man by emailing

They may be able to help point you in the right direction and gather valuable feedback which could help shape their Skilled Workers Strategy. One of Locate’s key priorities is to grow the economically active population and accessing skilled workers for various sectors of the Isle of Man Economy is vital to this.


Employee Relocation Incentive

If the skills you are looking for on-Island are currently unavailable, you may be able to obtain financial support to source skills from outside of the Isle of Man via the Department for Enterprise’s Employee Relocation Incentive.

The Employee Relocation Incentive (ERI) provides a 20% grant of up to £10,000 towards the cost of relocating an employee to the Isle of Man. The incentive can be used in a range of ways - some businesses have used it to find suitable candidates, others to engage with recruitment agencies, whilst many use it to support candidates with relocation costs.

Eligible Sectors are:

Financial and Professional Services




·Fund Management


·Management of Ships, Yachts and/or Aircraft

·Legal and Accounting

·Other Financial Services

Specialist Construction

·Quantity Surveyors and Architects only



·Import Substitution


·Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


 Tourism and Hospitality


· Head Housekeepers

· Managers


More information on the incentive is available here.



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