Small Business Workshops | IT & Cyber Security: Best PracticesColin Tansley (Intelect Group) & Tim White (Mantis)

Date & Time: 11/05/2021 12:00-14:00

Venue: Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce Offices, Eagle Lab, Victoria Street, Douglas

Even though the headlines often highlight major data breaches in large corporations, the truth is that the vast majority of businesses being hacked are small. Why is this the case? Because small businesses are generally under-protected. If hackers can break into huge corporations, with all the attention to cybersecurity, what is to stop them from targeting smaller companies that can’t afford the same level of protection?

Through this workshop you will learn about the who, what, why, when and how of Cyber Crime. It will explore the effects of a data breach on your business and how to implement security strategies that don’t break the bank. Tim and Colin will also provide clarity on key cyber jargon, translating it into plain language that is understandable.

What will attendees learn / take away from this session?

By the end of the session, you will have a good understanding of:

  • Common cyber security threats
  • Simple things you can do to lower the risk
  • How to adopt a preventative approach
  • What a good, small business setup looks like
  • Who owns your data
  • The importance of antivirus software
  • What Web Filtering is and how to get started
  • Router Security
  • A Cloud First strategy

Who is the session for?

The workshop is for small business owners operating in all sectors across the Isle of Man who are looking to gain some clarity and/or a better understanding of IT and Cyber Security best practices.

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Colin Tansley, Managing Director of Intelect Group

Colin Tansley is the founder of Intelect Group. An Isle of Man based investigations, training and risk management company. A career investigator and former senior police officer he specialises in providing appropriate protection for businesses. Particularly those that operate in offshore jurisdictions.

He has travelled across the world during his career, frequently delivering his acclaimed Internet Investigative Skills for Customer Due Diligence to a diverse client base. His expertise is also regularly called upon for insights into online investigative techniques including threats posed by the Dark Web.

Tim White, Mantis

Tim is founder / Managing Director of Mantis Technology which creates smart technology solutions for the home or work place, whilst providing a hub for anyone wanting to outsource their IT needs.