Small Business Workshops | Digital Marketing: Website Basics by Jess LeMerle

Creating a website that meets all of your business and marketing objectives can seem like a dream. In this session we discuss how you can own an engaging, professional and functional website that meets all of your needs and helps you generate more business.

What will be covered?

The importance of a website
Choosing between a website builder versus a website developer (agency)
Popular platforms including WordPress, Wix and more
Design and aesthetics
Content, rich media and SEO
Understanding functionality
Usability of a website and its importance
Call to actions and lead generation/sales techniques
Maintenance and hosting
How to ensure your website stays relevant
Driving traffic to your website
Website trends in 2021

Who is this session for?

This workshop is ideal for small businesses who are looking for a new website or those who want to maintain or enhance their current website. The session will answer all of the popular questions to do with design, development and how to drive traffic to your website.

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