Small Business Workshops | Digital Marketing Strategy by Jess LeMerle

Creating an integrated marketing plan and understanding which online marketing channel is best suited to your business objectives is key to successful marketing. In this workshop you will get to learn the essentials of digital marketing and better understand the powerful tools & channels that are at your disposal and how to make the most of them.

What will be covered?

Introduction to digital marketing
Website design & development: What should stand out
Websites: Converting visitors into bookings/sales/leads
Social Media: Building an engaged audience
Search Engine Optimisation: Understanding the basics
Content Marketing: Creating and sourcing relevant content
Inbound marketing: The modern-day sales funnel
Email Marketing: How to send effective emails
Online advertising: Google AdWords and more
How to develop a great customer experience

Who is this session for?

This workshop is ideal for small businesses who are looking to learn the essentials of digital marketing and gain a deeper understanding on how to succeed using powerful digital channels.

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