Digital Marketing: Understanding & Using Data Analytics by Jess LeMerle

In a data driven world, it has never been more important to track and review your online activity in order to make data driven decisions. The key to success lies in knowing what to measure and how to evaluate it.

What will be covered?

Identifying business and marketing objectives
Engagement verse conversion metrics
Making measurement a priority
Google Analytics: How to set up your analytics to work for you
Google Analytics: Specific techniques and reports
Google Analytics: Which stats matter
Social Media Analytics: Facebook Page Insights
Social Media Analytics: LinkedIn Analytics
Social Media Analytics: Instagram & Twitter Analytics
Collecting actionable metrics
Analysis requirements and reports
Making sense of the results
Action plans

Who is this session for?

This workshop is ideal for small businesses who are looking to make data driven decisions by collecting and reviewing data in order to make improvements and grow their online presence.

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